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8 Week Signature Body Transformation Program

The 8 Week Program is designed for those who are self-motivated, but are lost in the gym and in the kitchen.  It is also great for those who have been doing the same thing over and over with little to no results. Many newbies who are intimidated in the gym have also followed, loved and received amazing results from this program. This is the initial program recommended to start your transformation journey and achieve positive results. 


It is personal

It is personal for each individual- some clients have oats for breakfast, others don’t. Others have dairy, some don’t. There is also Vegan, vegetarian options etc. There is a detailed questionnaire to be filled out before you begin, in order for me to set out a personalized plan.


Fitness & Workouts

The program consists of 2-4 workouts (depending on your goal, fitness level, time commitment etc.) for the first block of training. Each day has a warm up, detailed explanation of each exercise along with tempo, reps, sets, rest and a video for visual guidance. You will have unlimited access to the Coaching APP on your phone, tablet & computer.


Custom Meal Plan & Supplement Protocols 

The meal plans coincide with each exercise day.  There is also a grocery list tailored to each individual (some are vegan, don’t eat dairy, celiac etc) with portion sizes.  There are suggested supplement / vitamins as well- these are recommended and not mandatory. You will receive recipe e-books for snacks, meals, smoothies and more throughout the 8 weeks.

Weekly Check-in & Accountability 

There is a weekly check in for accountability as well. Every week (some people prefer every other week), there is a detailed questionnaire on your well being and compliance with the plan.  There is a weigh in, measurements and pictures in bikini/or shorts jogging bra as well. This will hold you accountable.

Unlimited Voice & Message Coaching

Weekly direct fitness app program messaging is included along with additional voice app coaching access. Programs are personalized towards your goals upon consultation. Weekly accountability and assessment included with Coach Lisa.

This is an 8 Week personalized nutrition, supplement and fitness program, that includes unlimited fitness APP access and coaching guidance with Coach Lisa for 2 months.

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Returning Clients ONLY!

Are you a returning client? Do you need an effective kick-start to your health, wellness, overall bo

I'm here to help you with motivation, guidance and a routine once again!

The 30 Day hire-me coaching is a program for returning clients. This program includes 4 weeks of personalized meal and fitness coaching, along with routine guidance and unlimited feedback and messaging response service. 

You will stay accountable over the 4 weeks with daily/weekly conversation of strategizing, praising success and jumping plateaus through alterations within the 4 weeks. You are provided a personalized grocery list of food & meal items along with supplement guidance and a  monthly home or gym fitness plan routine. 

Weekly coaching chats and emails are included along with methods that will suit your lifestyle for optimal successful transformation.

Again, this is for RETURNING CLIENTS ONLY!

New Clients -> Recommended to begin the 8 Week Program or Hormonal Profiling Program.

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