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About Lisa

I'm a Professional Weight Loss Coach!

I'm also a wife, mother of a 1-year old & a Retired Canadian National Figure Competitor.  I'm also a Personal Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Hormonal Health & Lifestyle Coach for people focusing on stubborn fat loss. Holistic Health (Physical, Nutritional, Emotional & Spiritual) are the foundation of my work. I've coached and trained hundreds of people without any quick fixes or gimmicks.

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Coach & National Figure Competitor, ATP Brand Ambassador

I have over 10 years of coaching experience

With both women and men within my own practice and have also competed in 9 bodybuilding shows Canada wide at a National and Amateur World Level. 

I offer online transformation coaching, personal training, online group transformation programs and nutrition customized plans within my service.

Pregnancy Transformation

Professional Athletic Experience

9 x Top 5 Winner at Canadian National Bodybuilding Shows


65lb Weight Loss Body Transformation

40 Weeks Pregnant to 1 Year Post Pregnancy

National Figure Competitor

Figure Competition

Canadian Bodybuilding Competitions

• 5th Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, Toronto, August 2019

• 2nd Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, Quebec 2017

• 4th Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, New Brunswick 2016

• 9th Place Figure, Amateur World Championships, Quebec 2014

• 1st Place Figure, Canadian National Championships, Manitoba 2014

• 2nd Place Figure, Ontario Provincial Championships, Hamilton 2013

• 1st Place Figure, Ontario Regional Championships, Hamilton 2013

• 4th Place Figure, Ontario Regional, Colburg 2012

• 3rd Place Figure, Ontario Regional, Kitchener 2012


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